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Farming….in January?!?


Welcome to the revamped Plant New Roots blog. New Year and time for a new look. I’m going to try to post more often and include more seasonal recipes.

I hope you’re having a splendid day. Even though it’s still the middle of winter, everyday it seems as though there’s an increasing amount of prep work going on for the upcoming season. Plus, the sun is setting slightly later each day. Yesterday, Jake, Evan and I seeded 40 trays of various lettuces: crisp romaine, red butterhead, red sails – delicious. Now, within each tray there are 48 individual plants, which after some calculation means we’ve got almost 2,000 lettuce heads on the way. Woohoo! Another plant we seeded yesterday was various types of sweet peppers – o the first signs of summer 🙂 Sweet red and golden Marconis, yellow and red bells, yum! The peppers are in a very fragile stage though, they’re being kept in the warmest greenhouse with heating pads under them for the first few days to aid in germination. Fingers crossed!

Now to rewind a bit, right before Jake and I went home for the holidays we completed a massive lettuce transplanting project. Here’s some pictures.

small greenhouse planting of romaines and bibb on 12/20

If you’re wondering, the 2×4’s and netting are used for trellising tomatoes. We left if up because it’s a bunch of work to install and it won’t affect the lettuce at all.

big greenhouse planted with red leaf, romaine, bibb, and others on 12/19

Now here’s a visual for what about 2,000 lettuce heads looks like. One row is all spinach (Jake and my experiment) and one row is fennel, but otherwise there’s 20 rows of lettuce at 100 feet, planted a foot apart = 2,000 lettuces 🙂 Eww, look at those nasty dead tomatoes on the far left.

Fastforward to the present and here’s what the greenhouses look like now:

small greenhouse lettuce today!

big greenhouse today, not growing quite as fast as the smaller, warmer one

p.s. shortly after this post is posted, I’m going to gain the rights to my domain name, so from this moment on my blog will be found at:

Thanks for following!

loving all the lettuce! (haha just representing Iowa a little bit:)

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Growing Power

Hi there!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. Jake and I had a terrific time back in the midwest visiting with family and friends! We created unique melted glass plates, learned about distilling on a Great Lakes Distillery tour, tried our hand at bowling, played an awesome game called Telestrations (combination of pictionary and telephone), had 3 different Christmas celebrations, made a record number of homemade sushi rolls and special sauce, celebrated at Colleen and Geoff’s wedding, and best of all enjoyed countless laughs with family and friends.

If you’re ever in the Milwaukee area I’d recommend going on a tour at Growing Power and then head over for a distillery tour 🙂 Here’s some pictures of Milwaukee’s Growing Power started by Will Allen. Growing Power is a thriving organization growing food in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. They make the most out of every inch of their farm, from hanging pots to grow plants vertically to installing tanks with tilapia under the plants which help introduce nutrients and complete a full circle ecosystem with plants, animals, soil, water, and sun.

all the sprouts!

every inch of space is used, vertically especially

it can be 160 degrees inside the compost

Find those worm castings Jake!

Full ecosystem, various greens growing with a tilapia pool providing organic nutrients

multi-functional: creating the compost & heating the greenhouse

goats, their organic waste is an important ingredient in the compost

a turkey they've had for years

one of the numerous compost bins, Growing Power really focuses on creating healthy soil by taking organic waste from grocery stores, etc. and creating compost

Growing Power was a really cool place.

Happy 2012!

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