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farm firefighting

Hi there! When your last name is Feiereisel you get a lot of nicknames with fire in some part of them. Yesterday, Jake and I had an experience of being farm firefighters and fortunately everything went smoothly. The background info is that the walnut orchard is pruned every spring and all the cut branches get piled into the “burn pile.”  Well the past couple years the burn pile has not been burned, which lead to the HUGE burn pile that we had a few days ago.

massive burn pile

James thought it was ideal conditions for a fire, so we called the fire department and let them know and rounded up as many hoses on the farm as we could find. With two really long hoses hooked up and the pile as “safe” as possible Jake started a fire within the pile and the burn began!

standard campfire start up...

The fire was surprisingly pretty under control most of the time….

under control

And then all of a sudden….

o boy

Maybe I should stop taking pictures and focus more on watering….

freaky picture!

The calm after the storm….


Well, it all burned well and safely! We didn’t know we were going to have a fire yesterday, but you never know what each day is going to bring you in farming.

Stay warm and safe with all your home fire building this fall 🙂

And Dad, this post is for you! I know how you love fires and I wish you could have been a part of this one!

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