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Farm Tour Part 2

Hi there!

Here’s one of the views from our “office”

More often, the view looks more like this though:

tomatoes under their protective remay covers

An acre of winter squash

garlic and a few types of cucumbers…they’re white because we coated them with a translucent clay liquid to keep the cucumber beetles off of them

grow sweet peas, grow!

an acre of potatoes on the top and an acre of winter squash on the bottom

There’s the big white house on the hill. The owner is not affiliated at all with the farm, she just thought the farmed land across the street looked nice and wanted some of her land to look like that, which was perfect because we needed a couple acres for potatoes and winter squash.

lettuces and fennel

Stay back 50 feet all directions!

broccoli and broccoli and some cabbages

caterpillar tunnels are keeping things warm and they’re growing!

summer squash are flowering!

The hot weather is here, which means that it’s time to get a bunch of irrigation in place and get the water flowing.

awkward things to try and balance at first

the daily irrigation pipe moves

overhead irrigation lines are laid every 6 beds in the fields

The first crop ready for harvest at the Birchville site are the radishes. Yum!

they’re so juicy and spicy

Back at the main farm location, the hoop houses there are close to harvest.

napa cabbage…2 more weeks

carrots are almost there

And after a long day of hard work, we relax outside and in the kitchen area

There’s tons going on here right now. I figured less writing and more pictures was the way to go. Today we planted strawberries and the first few are getting ripe from the last planting. Cooking experiments are coming along. Jake has almost perfected making raw milk feta cheese, I’m making progress with thick raw milk yogurt, we’ve made socca’s, new salad dressings, and even sprouted granola! Recipes and more pictures will follow. Enjoy the great weather and a fresh salad!

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a little taste of everything…

Hi there!

Thanks for checking in and I hope all is well. I added some new links at the top of the webpage – those are all different food blogs that have recipes and unique cooking ideas on them, we frequent them often and we thought it’d be nice to spread them to others that may be interested. The farm is great, there’s finally a hint of the seasons changing, but we still wear shorts on most days 🙂 Walnut harvesting has begun and on a small scale sustainable farm that means walking around and picking up thousands of nuts, not shaking the trees with machines and “sweeping” up the nuts after they fall. While we can hear other orchards using the machines nearby, we peacefully walk around for a couple hours each day and pick up the nuts, no machine noise, gas fumes, or harm to the trees.

Jake’s been busy pickling the seasons last cucumbers and canning tomatoes into sauces. I’ve made huge jars of roasted red peppers with 70 lbs of red peppers that became unmarketable in the hail storm. One of our newest crops that we’re bringing to market are our winter squashes. We have tons of varieties and they all have such unique characteristics. One of the dogs on the farm caught a wandering chicken and ate it as Jake and I tried to stop her. Yesterday we caught her in time to save a different chicken, but it got pretty beat up.

I think that’s a brief update on what’s going on around here. O, also Jake and the other intern Evan are seriously looking into buying heirloom meat rabbits to breed and eat as a source of meat. I’ve said no thanks to that project, because I couldn’t get myself to kill a rabbit and I joked that I’d probably only be able to kill insects…so now they’re going to cook up a plate of insects for me in the near future – ah! Jake has also gotten very creative and started making chili rista’s with our spicy peppers.

After five months, I’ve finished my Fulbright application – WOOHOO!! Here’s a link [ ] to learn more about the award program, it’s through the State Department and is a really great program for promoting cross-cultural exchange, research, and study. My goal is to win the award and start graduate school for a masters of science in agroecology [sustainable agriculture] at the University of Life Sciences in As, Norway next August. Here’s some info on that unique grad program: . My applications are all turned in, now it’s just a waiting game until Jan-Marchish 🙂

We’re off for a mini vacation to Yosemite tomorrow. Here’s a random assortment of pictures [I did a new setting this time, so it goes through a slide show] from the last few weeks, check out the awesome winter squash!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

peace & pumpkins!

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