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Harvest Time!

Step right up and get your box!

Your CSA box that is 🙂

This week was our first week for harvesting the CSA boxes. It’s been an exciting week filled with lots of hard work, harvesting, washing, and packing. Here’s a little picture summary:

here’s the “Clubhouse” board with all of our lists….

after we harvest everything into boxes, the boxes are brought over to the packing tent by the harvest slay (wooden box in back) and the tractor. then there’s the washing tubs & screens followed by re-boxing and van loading

Japanese turnips coming through the line

red leaf lettuce bath

after it’s washed it’s back to the van to transport over to the main farm location for packing

the packing line

Di with our jumbo kale bunches!

layer 1 of the box: napa cabbage, carrots, radishes, Japanese turnips, and zucchinis

layer 2: kale, 2 types of lettuce, garlic scapes, and the newsletter

It was a pretty great box for the first week! Everything went smoothly with harvesting and getting boxes to their drop off locations on time. It helps a ton when we have the awesome crew that we do, harvesting over 500 heads of lettuce goes by in a breeze.

Vegetables have not been the only thing we’ve been harvesting……

these don’t go into CSA boxes, so John offered Jake and I money to sell them at a roadside stand

strawberries, get your strawberries!

there were so many ready for an early harvest

And with all of the “seconds” we made some jam!

Also, news update, our broody hen hatched some chicks!

future eggs!

John and Angie’s little one, Jude, decided to hang out with me for a little bit after work one day. I just so happened to be eating some super garlicy hummus, that surprisingly the 1 and a half year old just loved and ate all of mine up!

Jude is so cute!

he loves to steal water bottles

Have a terrific weekend everybody. A big CONGRATS to all the recent graduates out there and particularly for ALEXA and GARRETT, woohooo!

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