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Wild and Scenic Film Festival

Happy Monday!

Yesterday, Jake and I went to the Wild and Scenic Film Festival in Nevada City, CA. It was an awesome event filled with inspirational films, though provoking conversation, and tasty food. Unfortunately, I realized I forgot my camera on the way there, so I don’t have any pictures of the town, but here’s some links to some of our favorite films.

Food Stamped: the challenge a husband and wife undertake to eat for a week on 1 dollar per person per meal. Additionally, she highlights food stamp politics, children education programs, amongst many other issues.

Grow! Documented 12 different small scale sustainable farmers in Georgia. All the farmers were in their 20’s, 30’s and the film gave a nice overview of the growing sustainable food movement.

COLD Was an jaw dropping film on the realities of climbing one of the tallest peaks in Pakistan in winter. This film put a whole new meaning to the word cold.

The Wolf and the Medallion was a very unique film, filled with artistic drawings. The theme of the video was to  never be complacent.

We couldn’t make it over to White Water, Black Gold – but it looked like a great film and timely too with all the debate right now about the pipeline construction in Nebraska.

Even when the economy is poor, the weather is acting strange, and the Packers lost (sorry Benedicts!) – it’s refreshing and inspiring to see all the positive work and energy in these films!

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