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What a scary farmer Halloween

Woah. Where does time go? I’ll have a much more in-depth post sometime soon, but for now I wanted to put up a couple scary Halloween pictures. All the interns got pretty creative and into the Halloween spirit.

From left to right: Jake had a fitting costume as an ear of corn with the horrible corn worm on his shoulder, Missy was a rockstar in the farm’s band called Troll Fungus, Jill was a hula hoe (big red/grey rectangle) we use them all the time for weeding on the farm, I was a corn seed packet (with all of the seed packets I looked at and planted, it only seemed fitting), and Corwyn was one of the San Fran Giants “walking dead” baseball player.

Jake and I agreed that those were probably some of our most creative costumes yet. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates soon.

Have a splendid weekend!

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