Farm Tour Part 2

Hi there!

Here’s one of the views from our “office”

More often, the view looks more like this though:

tomatoes under their protective remay covers

An acre of winter squash

garlic and a few types of cucumbers…they’re white because we coated them with a translucent clay liquid to keep the cucumber beetles off of them

grow sweet peas, grow!

an acre of potatoes on the top and an acre of winter squash on the bottom

There’s the big white house on the hill. The owner is not affiliated at all with the farm, she just thought the farmed land across the street looked nice and wanted some of her land to look like that, which was perfect because we needed a couple acres for potatoes and winter squash.

lettuces and fennel

Stay back 50 feet all directions!

broccoli and broccoli and some cabbages

caterpillar tunnels are keeping things warm and they’re growing!

summer squash are flowering!

The hot weather is here, which means that it’s time to get a bunch of irrigation in place and get the water flowing.

awkward things to try and balance at first

the daily irrigation pipe moves

overhead irrigation lines are laid every 6 beds in the fields

The first crop ready for harvest at the Birchville site are the radishes. Yum!

they’re so juicy and spicy

Back at the main farm location, the hoop houses there are close to harvest.

napa cabbage…2 more weeks

carrots are almost there

And after a long day of hard work, we relax outside and in the kitchen area

There’s tons going on here right now. I figured less writing and more pictures was the way to go. Today we planted strawberries and the first few are getting ripe from the last planting. Cooking experiments are coming along. Jake has almost perfected making raw milk feta cheese, I’m making progress with thick raw milk yogurt, we’ve made socca’s, new salad dressings, and even sprouted granola! Recipes and more pictures will follow. Enjoy the great weather and a fresh salad!

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