Farm Tour Part 1


Hi There!

It’s almost May….where has time gone?!? We’ve been busy bees here at the farm. I’ve tried to take a bunch of pictures the last couple weeks – enjoy 🙂 First, there’s some of Angie’s (John’s wife)  flowers.

see the bee?

it's great to see some flowers all over when we're working with the veggies

so colorful

Now the spring annual crops are starting to show up. Check out out asparagus and strawberries.

yummy asparagus

can you spot the beginning strawberries? they're green...

Inside the two hoop houses we have some savoy cabbage, beets, and carrots growing. They are all coming along really well.

flowers, golden beets, and savoy cabbage (right)

beet greens

carrot tops

Another huge project has been building these caterpillar tunnels. We had all the aluminum sent to us and Jake did some technical math and figured out how to bend all the pipes at specific angles so they’d create the roof angle that they did. They are 250 feet long moveable, sturdy, and reusable greenhouses.

Caterpillar Tunnels!

the view inside the tunnel...the smaller coverings are a cloth that helps insulate the tomatoes and zucchini even more so they stay really warm

And last but not least, it hasn’t been all work around here….

hiking along the Yuba River

Jake has gotten some new ideas……

a little smaller than the Grand Canyon...but it'll do 🙂

Enjoy some activity outside! I’ll be back with the continuation of the farm tour soon…unless the weeds take over, ha!

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