Label GMO’s!

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“Control the food, and you control the people.”  -Henry Kissinger


Today, I wanted to post something different than usual. No recipe, farm pictures, or nutritional information. I stumbled across I short video this morning that was very inspirational and timely. Many American’s are unaware of  GMOs: genetically modified organisms. Basically, the companies that have monopolies in the food industry (Monsanto, etc.) are running a massive, unethical experiment on all 311 million Americans. Monsanto and other companies take genes from one organism, say a bacteria and splice it into a corn seed. Then they can code the genes in the corn and bacteria to be resistant to deadly pesticides. So the corn can be sprayed with these pesticides and stay alive, while every other living organism is killed.

It’s just unnatural. And it’s unneeded. The European Union banned any food made with GMO’s years ago. As did Japan and even China! Even more unbelievable is that American food companies that sell over seas have two different versions of their products, one that has GMO’s and is only sold in the U.S. and one that’s GMO FREE and is sold almost everywhere else. I could go on all day long about the heated debate over whether GMO’s are good or bad for our health, environment, and economy. The bottom line is this: as eaters we have a right to know what is in our food.

Fortunately, a the label GMO movement is spreading across the U.S. and particularly in California. From Feb. 22nd to April 22nd there is an enormous state-wide grassroots campaign to collect over 800,000 petition signatures. If the signature collecting is successful, California will have a measure on the ballot in November to make it a law that GMO’s have to be labeled in all products sold in California! I’d assume that labeling would then spread fairly quickly across the country.

Check out this excellent video on Also, is another terrific resource.

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