Growing Power

Hi there!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. Jake and I had a terrific time back in the midwest visiting with family and friends! We created unique melted glass plates, learned about distilling on a Great Lakes Distillery tour, tried our hand at bowling, played an awesome game called Telestrations (combination of pictionary and telephone), had 3 different Christmas celebrations, made a record number of homemade sushi rolls and special sauce, celebrated at Colleen and Geoff’s wedding, and best of all enjoyed countless laughs with family and friends.

If you’re ever in the Milwaukee area I’d recommend going on a tour at Growing Power and then head over for a distillery tour 🙂 Here’s some pictures of Milwaukee’s Growing Power started by Will Allen. Growing Power is a thriving organization growing food in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. They make the most out of every inch of their farm, from hanging pots to grow plants vertically to installing tanks with tilapia under the plants which help introduce nutrients and complete a full circle ecosystem with plants, animals, soil, water, and sun.

all the sprouts!

every inch of space is used, vertically especially

it can be 160 degrees inside the compost

Find those worm castings Jake!

Full ecosystem, various greens growing with a tilapia pool providing organic nutrients

multi-functional: creating the compost & heating the greenhouse

goats, their organic waste is an important ingredient in the compost

a turkey they've had for years

one of the numerous compost bins, Growing Power really focuses on creating healthy soil by taking organic waste from grocery stores, etc. and creating compost

Growing Power was a really cool place.

Happy 2012!

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One thought on “Growing Power

  1. Katie

    Kali, Loved seeing you and Jake over the holidays.! I have missed you and it was great spending time with you! I am going to get the game Tellestrations….so much fun! Enjoy running the farm these next 5 weeks! Katie

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