After a wild and unforgettable rafting trip, we headed to Reno with Jake’s Uncle Jon. We spent a few recovery days in Reno hanging out with Jon and Jamie and their cute daughters Anna and Alice. We also did some much needed laundry and took real showers. Yikes washing my hair for the first time in 16 days felt awesome. Jake and I finished our travels by going through Sacramento and planting ourselves in Chico, CA on a sustainable farm. We’ve been on the farm for about 2 weeks now and things are going pretty good. There’s been a ton of hard work: shoveling compost, raking compost, moving wheel barrels, planting miniscule seeds, laying drip line irrigation, rolling up irrigation, weeding, weeding, weeding, trellising tomatoes, transplanting lettuce, and more and more. Each long day is satisfying and rewarding, plus we’ve been eating tons of delicious food. Check out some pictures 🙂

sweet peppers

the red and orange one is a pineapple tomato! (tastes like a tomato)

Green delicious

some of Friday's harvest for Saturday's market


tomato display at Chico Market

Jake and I working the tomato part of the booth

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One thought on “farmelot

  1. Barbara Humphries

    Kali, your pictures were awesome! It looks like a great trip. I hope you and Jake are enjoying California. You have had some great experiences this year. Can’t wait to hear all about them first hand at Xmas. Take care and much love-Aunt Barb

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