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Thanks for checking out this blog. After graduating in May and finishing up a researching job in Iowa City this August, Jake and I headed west. First, we were fortunate to be apart of a private rafting trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. The National Park Service is very selective of how many people can go down the river each year, so it took 15 years to get a permit to go on the trip! It was sure worth the wait, the 16 days were unreal and filled with unforgettable scenery and memories. Words simply do not give it justice. Take a look at some of the pictures…..

rigging up the boats for the launch

paddle time

paddle time

dwarfed by the canyon walls

dwarfed by the canyon walls

we were the dairy cooler and kitchen supplies boat (plus Jake)

approaching Redwall Cavern

Jake and I inside Redwall Cavern

Redwall Cavern

Silver Grotto hike

hiking up to the 3 granaries where Indians stored food

panoramic of 3 granaries

the ducky, so FUN!

lots of hikes 🙂

Jon and Sam fly fishing

time to take a pee!

scouting a rapid

scouting a rapid

the start of a sunset

parked for the night

parked for the night

a spring on the side of the canyon

a spring on the side of the canyon

jumping off of waterfalls on side hikes, so refreshing!

jumping off of waterfalls on a side hike at Ell's Chasam, so refreshing!

cooling off in fresh springs

the 3 brothers

the 3 brothers

those little red ant bites packed a punch!

those little red ant bites packed a punch!

winding pathways at Matkat

scrambling hiking at Matkat

crystal clear water

the groover...we had some pretty awesome views from the bathroom

one of our kitchen set-ups, doing dishes using the 5 bucket method

Havasu creek...the water looked like cool blue gatorade!

bighorn sheep right on the trail

jumping into a waterfall pool at Havasu

silly brothers!

Deer Creek Falls

mid hike cool off

scouting Hance Rapid....dun.dun..dun...

trying to flip Jon's boat after the Hance rapid take out

wow what a rock

tons of horseshoes 🙂 this was the night after we successfully made it through Lava Rapid, which means everyone wears their party outfit...nice skirts Jake and Joe!

Ledges Campsite and Sam's birthday night, cheers!

There’s just a brief overview of canyon pictures…there are hundreds more fantastic pictures. More to come in the future!

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2 thoughts on “off the beaten path

  1. Candace

    Loved the photos! Looking forward to more.

  2. Sam Benedict

    This is Sam and I want to be a blog follower.

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